Dying Light The Following gameplay

My apologies I have neglected my blog lately, this is mostly a mix of laziness and lack of imagination of what to write.

So as an interlude please check out my gameplay video from the new Dying Light The Following expansion. Such a fun game but very grisly. Not for the faint hearted.




Sausage rolls by a rubbish cook

I was rather disturbed yesterday to find out that Americans do not know what sausage rolls are. This is something seriously lacking in their lives, so I decided to post up a really easy method for all to use. 

All you need is one packet of flaky pastry and a packet of sausage meat. My local shop didn’t have sausage meat so I bought sausages and removed the skin as seen in the first picture.
Step 2. Depending on the size you want for the rolls, slice your pastry into two thirds or halves or whatever and place the sausage meat along the pastry and fold over

Step 3. Slice into the sizes you want and cook on about 200 degrees for about 20 mins. The sizes do not have to be uniform, you are not a big restaurant looking for the perfect look, taste is what matters. The beauty of these treats are they take no skills to make.

End result yummy hot sausage rolls. Prep time 5 mins, cook time 20 mins, eat time 1 min.

Lego Dimensions Explained

There seems to be some confusion about the different packs being launched for Lego Dimensions game. I’m going to explain in the shortest and clearest way possible. 

This game and all its parts will strip your wallet. It is an expensive investment but you can pick and choose which bits you want without having to buy everything. 

Firstly you must have the base pack which is an initial cost of £100 or so. This enables you to use the figurines and cars in the games. 

The confusing part about it is the release of fun packs, team packs and level packs. 

If you are someone like me who doesn’t want to collect all the figures but just wants to play the Lego content the following is important. 

Lego level packs are the most expensive packs at around £30 a piece. For this cost you get several figures and a vehicle but most importantly a level pack will give you a full Lego story with full levels in the traditional way. 

Lego fun packs and team packs are to extend the gameplay to play just the adventure worlds. So for example if you wanted to play the hub world with puzzles aside from the story for The Simpsons you would need only purchase either the fun pack at the cheapest price or the team pack for a bit higher price. You do NOT need all packs to gain access to all content, you only need one character from a series to activate the playable adventure world. So bear in mind The Simpsons as in my example has a level pack, as that has a character it will automatically include the Simpsons adventure world as well as the story mode. So actually if you re not interested in collecting all characters the best value for the game would be to buy the level pack. 

Now here’s a thing. Not all game series will have a full story mode. I’ve been informed by @legodimensions Twitter account that the only content available for Wizard of Oz is not a story level pack but just an adventure hub world. So if you are interested in the Wizard of Oz, purchasing the Wicked Witch fun pack is the only way to get it. 

Now it’s taken me about 6 months to get this information and I’m sure some may still find it as clear as mud so if you have questions please ask. 

Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain

I’m loving MGS Phantom Pain. It’s fun,  it’s not overly difficult and it looks graphically gorgeous.
The AI was touted in reviews as being excellent but is also stupid in equal measure though.

This is a little set piece which happened earlier. I had called in helicopter air strike support and just when I thought the strike was over the helicopter played one more hit, at the very enemy I was about to interrogate. So this was a moment of my character Snake versus an allied helicopter. As you can imagine it did not end well.

Prostate Cancer Research 

This week would’ve been my Dad’s birthday. Sadly in January he died from a random heart attack. 

Previously 10 years ago he found out he had prostate cancer. By a stroke of good luck having a good Doctor he was diagnosed early, had his prostate removed and had survived the cancer without having to have radiotherapy or chemotherapy.  He had been clear of cancer for 10 years before he died. 

Prostate cancer affects mostly men over 50 years old. It can be a slow growing cancer and some men die of old age before the cancer kills them but 20,000 men a year in the UK die from prostate cancer. 

Early symptoms are difficulty urinating and difficulty gaining an erection. Unfortunately due to these symptoms many men are too embarrassed to go to their doctor to get it resolved. 

These deaths are unnecessary. A simple test can determine a mans risk of prostate cancer and can lead to early treatment. I would like to see prostate cancer tested routinely for men just as cervical cancer and breast cancer is for women. 

Back in January when my Dad died I set up a just giving page to help raise funds for prostate cancer research. I have revived this fund in the hope to raise more money than before. 

If you wish to help and donate a couple of pounds you can do so at 


All international currencies are accepted. 

Thank you 


Chicken flight and pecking order 

Chickens cannot really fly but are good jumpers. They look very graceful when you film the jumping in slow motion. 

Watch out for the little bit of bullying near the end. This is the pecking order in action and how pecking order became a phrase. She’s trying to tell the other chicken that she is higher rank than her so the food is hers first. Even if she isn’t ranked above, its an attempt. 

In actual fact Clover the black one is the oldest and in charge of them all, number one in the pecking order. She’s 5 years old now and can still run and jump like a spring chicken. 5 years is quite old for this breed I don’t expect her to live another year. She stopped laying eggs about 6 months ago, like the chicken equivalent of the menopause. Oddly though just this week she laid an egg for the first time in that time and it was very big, almost one third bigger and heavier than a younger chicken. Maybe it’s a yummy double yolk. 


Everybody’s gone to the Rapture. Rubbish

First off I should stress this game for PlayStation 4 is not a game. At best it’s a slightly interactive work of fiction. 

When I first saw it advertised last week and watched a developer interview I was quite excited. It looked fresh and different and I was quick to purchase it at the bargain price of about £11. 

As I proceeded through the game though I realised quite quickly there is little depth to this game. For sure the story is deep but there’s no gameplay to it. It’s just a story you follow, no puzzles, no collectibles, no content other than telephone conversations and conversations between characters. 

Now I applaud the developers for putting their heart and soul into this game, it meant a lot to them but I don’t think they were looking at it from a gamers point of view. They had a vision and created it but the end product is not a great experience. 

I did play it to the end because I feel it’s unfair to write a piece about a game without completing it to the end but it was a slow trip to get there. 

I had an issue though. The developers claimed you could do the sections in any order you wanted, non linear. So as I encountered the Lizzie character section I didn’t go there but decided to quickly check what was around the corner. This took me into Stephens section. I thought that would be interesting so decided to do Stephens section first then go back to Lizzie. The problem is that the end of Stephens section lead to a part where I could not return and it was the end of the game. This happened with no warning so I ended up missing out on an entire character section. Not funny. 

So onto the ending… What a load of shit. No explanation for what had gone on and that stupid end bit with Kate. I’m not going to say any more on the ending so not to spoil it for others but all I will say now is this has to be the most disappointing game in a few years for me. I won’t play it again and I would not recommend anyone pay for it. Wait and see if it’s free on PSN. If anyone enjoyed the game, well done, don’t hate me it’s just my opinion. 

How chickens put themselves to bed

They have a strict routine and will put themselves to bed. The routine is exactly the same every night

1) a young chicken will enter the coop first to check for predators

2) they queue up and chat at the front for a few minutes

3) two others will check round the back of the coop for predators, will sometimes do a security check 3-4 times

4) top chick (the black one) will enter the coop to get the best bed

5) then one by one they enter the coop for bed

Apologies for the quality of the video with shakiness